My True Story On How I Lost Weight In Two Weeks

Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

My name is Dave and at the moment I live in UK and this is my story on how I lost weight in two and half weeks without going to the gym nor using any weight lost products. From 2009 to 2010 due to loads of personal and other problems, I was gaining weight without my knowledge. And most of the time I think when a person is in stress, they tend to eat more unknowingly as a reason of comfort, and I also used to eat plenty of junk food (chocolates, burgers, chips, pizza, kebabs , Etc...)

In 2011 through online I came to know a girl from France, and after we were talking for few weeks through skype, we decided to meet in London in about three week’s time. But looking at some of my pictures she was telling me indirectly that I was bit overweight, and if I had lost a bit of weight I would have looked much better. This conversation was repeating few times, and one day in the night while I was going through my old photos, I was shocked to see, what I HAVED done to myself, the reason being, when I was comparing my pictures that were taken early 2009 with then recent once, it seemed to look like it was two different people on the pictures, example the way I used to dress, look, shape Etc..

On this moment some things was telling me, MATE there is something wrong here, and you are not this true person that you are seeing in the 2011 pictures, and at this point I made a decision, that I will reduce my weight and bring myself back, in three weeks.

Next day when I spoke to my girl friend on skype I told her that I have accepted a challenge to reduce my weight significantly in less than three weeks, but her reply was I don’t think anyone could reduce their weight and change their shape in a such short time. Then I smiled and told her, my goals does not depend on what anyone believes, it depends only on what I believe “what the mind conceive and believe the mind can archive”.
Then she was asking me, Okay, what’s your plan, and how are you going to archive this target, my answer was, I don’t have a plan nor I don’t know how, the only thing I know is Ill do it.

At this time my weight was about 120KG+, don’t know if it was more hence the max weight that could be checked on my scale was 120Kg. During this time though I had so many clothes minimum about 80 , I was only able to where the once which I bought recently, and I think they were like my uniforms LOL, and the majority of the clothes that I was not able to wear was kept in a the clothes rail and in the wardrobe as display items, surprisingly they have been like that for nearly two years without me even noticing how much nice clothes I have, and out of them 90% of clothes I have only wearied only once or twice and some I haven’t even tried which I have received as gifts.

I work as an trainee on-line marketer, and I spend most of the time sitting in front of the computer, and I hated going to the gym reason being , because of the targets I have set for myself and other commitments , I didn't have enough time to spend going to the Gym.
Due to this I had to come up with a system that I could do my exercises without affecting my other work. Therefore I came up with a strategy to do a good workout without leaving my house, and it was-
  • As l lived in a two story house I started to run from the bottom passageway then ran up the stairs then the top passage way, after that reversed the same route. This was really tiring due to running up and down the staircase. I did the running for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After completing the running, I did did Push-ups and exercises for the abdominals for another 15 minutes.
  • I did this 30 minutes sessions 3 times a day, and there was no specific time for me to do this exercises , every time I take a break from the PC or If I get free time I did It, but somehow I managed to do it three times a day for two and half weeks.
  • I also cut down the quaintly of food I ate and also stopped eating any heavy food in the night and swapped it with porridge, serial, Yoghurt, Etc..

    Below Are The Images Of The Exercises That I Have Did In The Second 15 Minutes

      After Second week as I felt that all my clothes are getting so loose, so one day in the night about 10pm after having a wash, I just thought of checking my weight, I was stunned by the results I got, my weight had dropped from 120Kg +, to 103Kg, and also my trouser size dropped from 42W to 38W, and also I was able wear all my clothes, Can’t really explain in words how happy I was at that moment, when I was trying out all my clothes and all of them fit perfectly.

      Tips That Helped Me To Lose Weight In Two Weeks (I am not a professional, but I am stating hear what worked for me)

      • Do 30 minutes exercise sessions 3 times a day until you get your body to the desired level,after that at least once a day four times a week would be good.
      • Reduce the quantity of the food (but don’t go on diet foods there to enjoy).
      • Get a good squash a flavour you like – my trick was i bought about 4 different flavours of squash, and prepared a big jug of squash before I sat in front of the pc and was sipping it regularly and this also helped me to reduce the quantity I ate.
      • Drink a good glass of water, squash, Milk, Any non fat liquid before you eat.

      Now it has being nearly 1 month and 2 weeks for the date (20-06-2011) and now I am in the rite size (36W ) that I desired and don’t want to go any lower, and also up to know only food restriction I have done is if I am home in the night I will only have cereal or portage , but other than that when I go out with friends and family I would eat or drink anything as long as it taste good (lol). If you think you went out and ate to much fatty food or to many bears, don’t worry just do A Good 3 sessions of exercise and you should be fine, end of the day it’s only calories and fat which could be burned through exercise. But saying that, it’s not always a good idea to eat excessively.

      I am not a fitness instructor or dietician, I am just a normal guy who made a decision to Lose weight in three week, and everything I have written above is my actual my true story, on how I managed to lose my weight in under three weeks, And I thought of sharing it with my Online community.
      All the Best and hope this post helps, And Good Luck With Your Weight Lose !! :)

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